“Neta” means the fresh ingredients of sushi. Our restaurant brings you the best neta with unique preparations and warm service for a special dining experience.

Neta offers daily omakase (“chef’s choice”), tasting menus, small plates, and a full sushi menu. We invite sushi veterans as well as neophytes to join us at our sushi bar for direct service by our sushi chefs. We believe in the importance of hospitality, and welcome you to relax and enjoy your next meal with us.

About Chef Byeong Seok Lee

Chef Sungchul Shim is the Executive Chef at Neta

Executive Chef Byeong Seok Lee

Chef Byeong Seok Lee brings a distinctive combination of Western and Eastern culinary artistry and philosophy to Neta, honed from years of formal study and practical training in fine dining in both Asia and the United States.

Chef Byeong hails from Korea, where he developed his love for food and cooking, and began his culinary journey. He graduated from Chodang University with a degree in Culinary Arts. Chef Byeong received several notable awards in Korea including two Gold Medals and one Grand Prize at Korea’s 2005 International Culinary Competition. He began his career as a chef in the U.S. at contemporary American fine dining restaurants including David Burke’s Town House.

Chef Byeong joined Neta in January 2013 and was elevated to the role of Executive Chef in December of 2017. As Neta’s longest tenured team member, he has cultivated the creative, unique style that has defined Neta over the years, while enlivening the restaurant with his technical skill and culinary ingenuity.